A “hookers and hose” production…

March 14, 2009

It takes very little to entertain me; I seem to find humor in just about everything.  Ask anyone – unless I’m seriously PMS’ing or have just had my ass handed to me at the office because of someone else’s negligence…I can always find something to laugh at.

I’m sitting here — on a “it has to be Saturday morning” since it’s cold, wet and looks like armpit-Ohio outside — watching my son watching Fire Engine videos on YouTube.  I glance over to see an opening title of “A Hookers & Hose Production” and wish that I had thought of that…that’s good stuff right there.  I’m not one to blatantly rip off someone else’s genius.  I’m one to point it out.

Kudos to YOU Manassas County Fire Department!  (And to all of the “Hookers & Hose” too…)



  1. Wow. I see it’s an educational morning at your house. Who says that kids learn best from Sesame Street?

  2. As far as I know, there has never been an episode of Sesame Street titled “When Things Go Wrong In Life: How to Manage Your Ho’s and Stop Getting Ripped Off.”

  3. Very true. Think about how much smarter we would be if You Tube existed when we were J’s age. It’s no wonder these kids are smarter than us now.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA — that’s hilarious Kels. You definitely got a big ol’ scoop of my wacky sense of humor outta the gene pool !!! I’m glad FB “activated the launch sequence” for you. I predict you’re gonna have a HUGE following on your blog – well, at least you’ll have ME (and I’m gettin’ bigger every year)!!!

  5. I need to get in contact with them to arrange a ‘themed’ photo shoot. I imagine it would be pretty interesting!

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