Big day today…

March 15, 2009

While I strive to make everyday of my life exciting in some way I have to admit that some are much better than others.  Granted, a lot of that is dependent upon whether or not a choose to get dressed and go out among the 3-dimentional people or stay in my draw string pants sporting a “Scary Spice” hairdo and half-brushed teeth.  (For the record: I am an avid tooth brusher, floss twice per day and haven’t had a cavity in over 7 years).

What made today so butt-smackin’ special?  Well for starters – spring has officially arrived at my house!  Now before you all start replying about how it’s not until March 20th at 11:47PM EDT…let me explain.

You see, when we bought this house it was still warm.  It never occurred to us that the 1980’s horizontal slide windows might be less than energy efficient.  Why would we?  Our inspector made no mention of them and we happily signed on the dotted line.  Fast forward 2 months to the first cold snap.  What-the-f’ola!  I swear it was like we walked downstairs into a blast freezer.  After an hour of cursing our dumbass home inspector and applying Vaseline to the “boy-did-we-get-bent-over-on-this-deal” effected area, the hubs bought and hung window film.  Wha-la.  Like living in the finest trailer park in town.  In the past couple of years we’ve come to feel pride in our “trailer film”.  After all, we were *going green* long before it was trendy.  Suck that ENERGY STAR! Today the film came down marking the end of bitter cold and beginning of warmer days.  I’m telling you – our window film ritual is far more reliable than that over-stuffed rat up in Pennsylvania.  Somebody ought to sautee him up and serve him with crispy noodles and hoisin sauce.

What else?  How about the fact that my mother admitted to falling out of her chair – wait, scratch that – COMPLETELY MISSING her chair upon attempting to sit at work on a very regular basis.  Not only did she admit this with no shame but made it sound almost *normal*.  Now you all understand the origin of the previous post.  I will admit that I am prone to tripping on carpet and having short conversations with myself in the elevator I have never flat-out missed my chair.  That’s a special kind of special that I don’t even have a definition for.  ($1000 reward still stands)

How can I possibly top that?  Oh, I can.  And it’s because of you guys!  At last count, my little experiment has received over 420 views and continues to rank among the “Growing Blogs” list here on WordPress.  Not a bad 48 hours!  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for making this blog successful.  You guys keep brining the interest — and I’ll keep bringing the funny.  Cause let’s be honest…I am funny.  My *newest* friend Ram agreed based upon the comment he left for me:


  1. “Pee in your pants while you fart” funny? I believe that is the promotional copy Don Riokles uses in advance of his Florida Senior’s Comedy Tour.You may just be aged….not amused.

    Thanks for the post

  2. Wow! I know I have “arrived” when a floating-head guy in a reflective vest leaves me a reply with the assumption that I am an octogenarian with severe bowel issues. Well Ram, you would be half right. You’ll just have to keep coming back to find out which half.Welcome to “Webie World” my friend!


Welcome to Webie World indeed.



  1. After reading about mom’s “falling out of the chair” episode and her doing the “I am really not an idiot” happy dance, I am beginning to wonder if the gene pool on mom’s side was diluted somewhere along the way. It’s a wonder that the three of us can tie our shoes and tell time.

    And FYI: You will be happy to know that I as well, live in one of the finest trailer parks in the area as I proudly hung a clear plastic bag over the broken window in the downstairs bedroom tonight….secured by the ever-famous all-purpose duct tape. Only the best for this family.

    • :::wipes away tears of family pride:::

  2. You are burning up the charts. Good for you. I’ll try to keep up. I’m up 73 as of last check. I need to give people something to come back for.

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