Here’s a nice visual for you…

March 15, 2009

Some of you are having a difficult time visualizing  just what the “proper crapping technique” looks like.  I’ve scoured the internet trying to find the illustration that came in my packet of detox meditation only to come up with a photo that NO human should ever have to see.  (Trust me on this one: do NOT search Google images with the description of “life step toilets” – but if you do…be prepared to shout “HOLY F*CK!”)  If you don’t heed my warning, don’t even think about coming back here and blaming me for not being able to eat your delicious medium-rare ribeye steak later on tonight.  I warned you; voyeur.  Something tells me that you (yes, YOU, who went and Googled anyway) secretly enjoys watching people pick their noses and eat it.  Admit it – I’m right.  You know I’m right.  Sicko.

If you’ve already spent some *quality time* on the think tank today, that’s ok.  You can be smiling while assuming the “CANNON BALL!!!” position during your second trip to la-la-land later.

Proper Pooping Posture

Proper Pooping Posture



  1. You are totally trying this step thing aren’t you. Admit it. And what is the yellow guy doing exactly? He’s got his hands between his legs and a sad face. There is something familiar about this scene I can’t quite put my finger on…

    • It is something you want to put your finger on Chris? It’s ok if you do. Don’t be ashamed.

  2. Chris, I think the yellow guy already has his finger on something, which confuses me a bit because he should not have that frowny face if that is indeed the case.

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