It just occured to me…

March 15, 2009

Now that I’ve started “popping the pooping pills” it’s highly likely that I’ll need to use the bathroom during my work hours more frequently for the next 30 days.  This leaves me in somewhat of a dilema.  Now that I am properly educated and embracing the power and efficiency of the “proper techniques” how am I going to practice this at the office?  As far as I’m aware, there are no stools laying around to be used on demand (let’s be honest…someone has to die in order to obtain and extra chair for your office so it’s not likely any stools will be order in the near future).

$49.99 Life-STEP or $6 Kid's II Step Stool - you decide...

$49.99 Life-STEP or $6 Kid's II Step Stool - you decide...

Being the ever-ready problem solver that I am, I’ve already decided that I will be taking my son’s extra step stool in with me to work tomorrow.  Sure it’s a little beat up and worse for wear – my kid IS a little man, after all – but those in my office that are not privy to this blog…yet…will most likely just give me a look that says “I always knew you were a freak” and go about their day.  The sad thing is they will continue to spend unnecessary minutes on the john grunting and straining while I happily get in, get out and get on with life.  Who’s the freak now, huh?  That’s right.



  1. If you take that thing to work then I will have severely underestimated you as a person, and your attitude towards people. You are too much!

  2. You make your Daddy PROUD! But, I’m thinking our “gene pool” might need a bit more chlorine.

  3. I think this is hands down the funniest thing you have ever done! Most people take a magazine or a news paper to the bathroom. But you will be taking you pooping stool!!! I just wish I could see the look on everyone’s face when you are taking that thing in and out of the bathroom.

    • “The Adventures of Not Quite a Life-STEP Stool” will be thoroughly documented.

  4. I am going to have to demand photo documentation of the said stool entering THD property.

  5. In the future, let’s make sure the exact STOOL to which we are referring is clearly indicated, please !!!

  6. I am a bit confused, why do you need the stool?

    • The stool is the instrument that will allow me to obtain the “proper position” to poop in for optimum elimination with no stress or strain. Isn’t that fantastic??

  7. That is fantastic. As long as you don’t have to push to hard, your golden.

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