Operation Grapeseed Oil…

March 16, 2009
It doesn't get more natural than this! Check out the little guy's climbing technique...very nice...

It doesn't get more natural than this! Check out the little guy's climbing technique...very nice...

I always vowed that I would age naturally.  No poison-filled injectables, ShopVac 400HP fat cell removal or jello laden implants.  No way, not for this gal.  That was all before “the 11’s”.  I have noticed lately that for being such a usually up-beat person that I must scowl a lot.  This probably goes back to my inability to fake a nice look when someone standing in front of me is acting like a total ass-clown — but now I’m paying the ultimate price.

The hubs went out and picked up a big honkin’ bottle of pure Grapeseed Oil.  Turns out it’s not just good for cooking at incredibly high temperatures (without taking on a burnt flavor) but this greasy slick works wonders at improving skin quality.  Who knew?  All these years we’ve been all Martha Stewart-like and “focusing on our salad” –  and this little miracle was begging to be poured out and rubbed on like a couple of 19-year olds with a bottle of baby oil.  (That ruins your mattress, by the way…)  It’s only been a couple of days so it’s too soon to say whether or not I’m seeing any real results but I figure there are very few ways this could end up for the worst.

Let’s see…

1. I could end up breaking out in a horrible rash – or even worse –
2. I could end up with a white-head zit the size of Mt. Rainer somewhere that no concealer on the market today could effectively camouflage.  I mean, let’s be honest…are we all supposed to be hard of seeing?  It’s more like “nice makeup covered oozing zit you got going on there girl!”  (You know you’ve all wanted to say it before so stop pretending to be offended).
3. I could wake in pre-dawn darkness to my dog eating my face.  Hey, at least then I don’t have to worry about that pussing zit anymore.  See?  There’s good in everything.  You just have to look for it.



  1. Let me know how this turns out for you. Or if when the oil runs down your forehead and into your eyes, it causes you to go blind immediately. And if that happens, at least you won’t see the monster zit that formed on your forehead.

  2. I hope this works out for you. Your other option is you can always cut your bangs to cover the problem area. If something horible does happen. :)

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