Training queen…

March 16, 2009

Oh the joys have having so much valuable knowledge that you are locked in a comptuer lab all day being forced to share it with less enlightened others.

The real downer of the day is that because I’m not actually upstairs in my office, I didn’t yet bring in my step stool.  Nothing like having to lug that thing in through security and have it sit in the training lab all day to be questioned by curious students hungry for knowledge.  I suppose it might have been fun though.  We could have taken a very informative field trip to break up the monotony of the class.  Shit. I blew that opportunity.

Oh well, at least I still get to be “queen of the world” for a day.  I wore my *Robin Meade hair* and have taken the liberty to walk around the room and spend time talking one-on-one with my students.  I just love a captive audience.  So what if I’m not reporting on how many new people filed for unemployment this week or that the bloated-executive pigs over at AIG are still going to get their much-NOT-earned bogus’…I mean…bonuses this year.  And what’s up with that happy horse shit?  Weren’t they paying attention to Robin this morning when she was talking about jobless claims and the ongoing recession??  How can anyone ignore her?  She’s a news goddess!  (I know I’d do her).  If they won’t listen to Robin, who will they listen to?  Sean Hannity?  Let’s be honest…he’s no Robin Meade.



  1. I would come to your class just to get a lesson with the “stool”

    • Don’t worry — the stool will come tomorrow. Get ready for all of it’s wild encounters and adventures. Hilarity sure to ensue!

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