Grab ‘um in the biscuits…

March 17, 2009

I’ve decided that if the pills won’t do the trick — I’ll help things along by eating more *ruffage*.  So, I stopped by Ram’s Convenience Store on the way home tonight and grabbed some little extras to go on top.

Lettuce surprise you!

Lettuce surprise you!

Crispy iceberg lettucecheck
Fresh shredded carrots (which would have been much faster with a $9.99 Samurai Peeler…I really need to get one of those next time the infomercial is on Food Network) – check
Fancy shred cheddar cheesecheck
Sliced Totino’s pepperoni pizza rolls – check
Chopped shoestring french fries (stop gasping, they were BAKED not fried) – check
Oh so creamy/while playfully chunky – 1000 Island dressingcheck

I’ll tell ya, I’m feeling pretty good right about now.  A few more meals like this and Life-STEP Junior (now known as LS Jr.) and I will be spending some good (albeit, quick) quality time together.  Assume the “CANNONBALL!!!”

Anyone interested in obtaining the recipe for this leafy treat, please drop me a comment. 

Special bonus! Leave your comment within the next 10 minutes and receive – at no extra charge – a personal training session with “Sargent Steel-Toed Shoes” courtesy of your friends at The Bootcamp Van.



  1. I am leaving my comment promptly within the 10 minute required time period as requested. When shall I expect the Bootcamp Van to arrive?

    • I’m sorry but it seems you were not home. There are no refunds or exchanges.

  2. Kelsey – what the heck is that? DId you EAT that?

  3. I love the title of this one. Classic line from “The Humpty Dance”! Okay, eventually I’ll get back to blogging.

  4. I’m not sure I would be worried about what was coming out my back end after eating that. It’s the front I would worry about.

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