It goes a little somethin’ like this…

March 18, 2009

dumpingYou know that little knob on the inside of a public bathroom door?  Yes, the one that is 99.9% of the time found just above the handle?  Sometimes it’s a nifty little slider, other times it’s a dead-bolt style twist but they all work the same.  You know what they do?  They keep people like me from walking in on you while you’re “doin’-your-buisness”.  Let’s be honest…it’s no more fun for the person walking in on you to see you in such a vulnerable position as it is for you to be seen in one.  So do us all a favor next time and flip the wrist, will ya?  I thank you.  As do all of your “soon-to-be-victims of your laziness” co-workers as well.



  1. Only a complete moron goes into a public stall without locking the door behind them. They deserved to be humiliated.

    • I concur Nat. You are very wise.

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