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March 18, 2009
No more dead house plants!

No more dead house plants!

With the overwhelming response I’ve received here and on Facebook to my contest, my lawyers have asked that I post some rules and restrictions.

1. All guesses must be submitted in electronic format, no verbal submissions will be eligible for any winnings.
2. Your guess must match 100% to what the ACTUAL event that is to occur will be.  This means that botched tag lines, half slogans and sloppy submissions (ie. misspellings, puns and “clever-five-years-ago” keyboard character creations) will be disqualified.
3. Family members will not be eligible to win the grand prize.  Relation sucks.  Sorry.
4. Grand prize will be determined by the contest administrator (me) and will be based upon what extra crap I can find laying around the house that we don’t use or need.
5. All prizes must be claimed prior to midnight EDT on Thursday, March 19, 2009.  Unclaimed prizes will be donated to friends of my choice.
6. No whining, crying, cursing, slapping, public tripping, defaming email blasts or poorly Photoshop’d images of me having sex with animals and posted on the internet will be tolerated.  If you are wrong, you are wrong.  We can’t all be *winners*.  We can’t all take home a trophy.

Thank you all for participating.


One comment

  1. Not being allowed to post the pictures I have of you having sexual relations with those animals a few years ago really puts a crimp in my long-term strategy on winning this contest. I really wish you would reconsider.

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