Sing it Peter Brady…

March 18, 2009

I’m going to shift gears here for a while.  I know, I know…all this talk of brain tumors, detox and LS Jr. is hilarious but I want to keep giving my ever-growing audience more choices.  I guess I’m wanting to be Comcast without the miserable customer service and over inflated costs.  But don’t worry – I’ll always offer “SkinaMax” as part of my basic plan.  No extra charge.

I made a *friend* on the drive in today.  I’m pretty sure it was a friend…they do honk and wave at you when they finally pass you after riding your ass like a dingle berry for 3 miles, right?  I thought so too.  There’s just nothing like the satisfaction of driving in for another day of office bliss and making new friends along the way.


One comment

  1. That was me riding your ass in this morning. And since we are already friends, I felt that the “honk and wave” was appropriate.

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