The hits just keep on coming…

March 18, 2009

I don’t have any particular plan for this post, I just felt like typing while listening to Carrie Underwood radio on last.fm.  A little country-esk music is just what I needed to unwind after this crazy day in web-land.

For those of you who are new to “all things Kelsey” let me give you a little background.  And, if you already know – read this part anyway…it’s bound to be entertaining.  So I have what some would consider to be a *dream job*.  You see, my $25,000+ education resulted in a degree in Multimedia & Web Design which I in turn took with me to my very first job out of college working as a sales assistant.  That’s right – times were tough back in the early millennia and I took what I could get.  It wasn’t so bad.  I mean, aside from having to deal with a douche-bag sales guy who sold nothing but invitations to financial planners to taught their “plate-licker-seminars” I made a very good friend who is crazy enough to still be talking to me today.  (I’ve often wondered about her mental stability for this very reason.)  This little company also gave me my first big break in design.  One man’s drinking problem is another gal’s opportunity and I was well on my way.  I really should send that guy a “thank you” card.  I wonder what rock he’s living under these days?  Oh well.

Yep.  I’m livin’ the dream.  My own private cube, full-window view and a bathroom just steps away.  It really doesn’t get any better than this for a corporate webie gal.  The more you all get to know me you’ll find that I not only love my job but I’m DAMN good at it.  Stop rolling your eyes.  At this point in our relationship, it’s not as if you are expecting modesty from me so get over it.

Tomorrow is a big day at my company.  BIG DAY.  Can’t tell you, I’d have to kill you.  Let’s see how many of my adoring fans can figure this little mystery out come tomorrow.  I have a special something for the one who gives me the first correct answer.  I hope whoever that is likes hammers.



  1. I heard the first “More Doing — More Saving” ad on the radio today! Can I have a 4 pounder, please

    • I’m sorry, but your answer is not 100% correct. You will receive a box of penny nails.


  3. But I really want a hammer – how am I gonna pound nails! How ’bout a 2 pounder?

    • I can offer you a nice (slightly used) gift card with built in mini-level.

  4. Tony Stewart is coming back to drive for THD !!!

  5. They are promoting you to CEO, which will include your own key to the executive washroom.

    • Wouldn’t that be nice? Not the CEO part, but knowing that I would never walk into another *in use* stall.

      I’m sorry…your answer is wrong. But as a parting gift you will receive “The Aqua Globe” in green. No one seems to like that color so I have a lot of them laying around. My lawyers have advised me to say that I do not condone their use as drinking vessels or a make-shift bong.

      I hope you enjoy!

  6. Can I get my Aqua Globe in the designer gift box? It will make it seem that much more special.

    • Perhaps you should read the “Official Rules” that were just posted. I cannot (and do not have to) promise the prize be in “new” condition.

  7. Oh yeah, I know tomorrow is Thursday which is always a fun time.

    I’m not hoping for the CEO Spot, just happy to settle for no 3 AM calls…

  8. I’m afraid I have no idea.

    If, however, the news is bad and you find yourself unemployed I would hope you’d consider putting that fine education of yours to use in the convenience store industry.

    We need people with vision (and the ability to stand in one spot for 16 hours at a time).


    • Thank you for your submission — I appreciate your deep thought and imaginative guess.

      Your offer is very tempting as I have always dreamed of working in the same vicinity as shelves filled with Combo’s Pizza Flavored Pretzel Snacks. They are delicious. Please tentatively hold a part-time position open for me.

  9. I can do it. Kelsey can help.

    • I like your vote of confidence. However, unless your home improvement issue is pixel in nature, I’m afraid that is just not the case.

      I’m sure I can find an old deck of playing cards or package of child safety locks to send you as a parting gift.

  10. Are we going to get a “new look and feel” for THD website? (please make finding info about paneling more prominent. kthxbye.)

    • Chris – you are SO CLOSE. You are on FIRE!!

  11. I’m going to guess that you’re going to make THD website interactive. In LOTS of ways (I just really don’t know what those ways are.).

  12. How you feelin’?


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