I’ve got the power…

March 19, 2009

“It’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ kinda hectic”

In the world of web there are few days more exciting than this. It’s finally here. It’s finally happened.  The long, hot shower of life has brought renewal.

I have received many entries as to what you all think today’s BIG event might be.  One of you were oh-so-close but I haven’t yet gotten a 100% correct answer.  Come on now — don’t let me down.  I have lots and lots of useful crap just waiting to be claimed by YOU!



  1. I am about sick of this contest. If I am not the winner, then I quit.

  2. Am I eligible? It wasn’t in the rules…cause I totally know what it is. :)

    • Dammit. A loop hole. I’m going to have to call my lawyer and let him know that I will be suing him for not protecting me from this liability.

      I will gift you a “Homer Cafe” meal card valued at $8 for your good will and understanding.

      • I suppose that’ll work…

        I did see one entry that was super close. And it looks great BTW, I looked this morning. :)

  3. Congrats, kiddo, it looks GREAT !!!

    (I know — I’m not eligible for the goodies!)

  4. New tagline: “More Saving. More doing.” Home Depot is looking to appeal to folks with a stretched dollar in this new economy.


    • Ahhhh, Nick. Your energy and enthusiasm are always a welcomed addition to my blog.

      The real test for you is: can you tell me what our approach will be once we’re through these tough times and people are using their *bills* to towel off after taking a swim off the bow of Diddy’s private yacht in the Mediterranean? Think on that for a while. You have 30 minutes – GO!

  5. WAIT!! People can’t look at my really close guess and then get closer! I call unfair-sies. I’m going to pout about not getting a hammer now.

    • Please do not pout. I have a very special belt sander in mind for you Chris.

      • Wa-hoo! :)

        And ha ha! I can just picture that now.

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