March 19, 2009
"That's the Power of The Home Depot"

"That's the Power of The Home Depot"

You all have been such good sports.  You subjected yourselves to the potential of very public humiliation for the purpose of my entertainment.  Luckily for you all, I’m in the mood to make new friends today so I’ll refrain from calling out some of the more ridonculous entries that I received.  Granted these were submitted to me in format that the posted rules deemed “not eligible” so, if you happen to see an attorney in your passing sometime today, thank them.  Because of their never-ending piles of legal papers and amendments upon amendments to prior laws and provisions — you are spared public humiliation.  This time, anyway.

Be sure to stop by your local Home Depot store today (and don’t even try to give me the excuse of “but there isn’t one near my house” – we have over 2000 stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, China, hell even Guam – although I’m pretty certain that the sheer size of the store and parking lot take up most of the islands total square footage) and let a fine associate know that the online folks are giving them “the love” today.  You are encouraged to take a picture of yourself completing the acts of “More Saving” and “More Doing” (be creative but please keep in mind that I have no bail money) and send them to me so they can be shared.  Think of the stories you will have for your kids one day, after all…you could ACTUALLY BE PUBLISHED on Webie Gal’s blog today!  FTW!  (That one’s for you Nick — if you’re out there lurking somewhere…I suspect you might be…)



  1. Unless I borrow a wide-angle lens camera, I don’t think my pregnant self AND a Home Depot associate can fit into one picture. Maybe I should make a collage?

    • I always encourage creativity from my fans. Paper mache is a nice medium as well.

  2. Hey, my father-in-law is a Home Depot associate. Does he count?

    • As long as he is willing to sign a legal waiver stating that I have rights to publish his photo any way I so choose for the entertainment of myself and my ever-growing audience — then YES!

  3. How about if I take a picture of myself at Lowe’s…. Will this still count towards hopefully getting published in your blog?

    • This is tough. While I am fiercely loyal to my employer, if you are doing something humorous enough you just might make the blog. Examples: I would love to see you walk in with your “The Home Depot” canvas bag and ask the sales associate to load all of your items into it as opposed to using the “Lowe’s” plastic bag. Now that’s good stuff.

  4. That is a dare that just might get fulfilled. Stay tuned…

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