Help wanted…

March 20, 2009


A “terrible stench” has been reported coming from a supply closet up on the 19th floor.  Could possibly be the dead body of car owner.



  1. Hah… Or (and I’m going to go on a limb and say more likely) a dead mouse.

  2. My God but you post a lot.

    Check that closet. If it is a secret smoker, confiscate their tobacco and send it my way.

    • I am quite the multi-tasker, it’s just one of my talents. Talking too much is the other.

      I have employed some vagabond neighborhood kids to go out collecting for your fine Rambacoo products. This will give John-Sam more free time to scrape old gum from under the store shelves and bleach used toilet paper for the development of what I think should be on your list of staple items: Ram Cloud Toilet Paper.

  3. Were you able to score the sunglasses that were perched on the dash?

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