Office space…

March 20, 2009

I’m all about making new friends.  Ask anyone.  I’m always nice to everybody.  You never know where your next bridge will be built, and lets’ be honest…in these tough economic times it pays to have contacts.

"I'm gonna need you to work on Saturday..."

"I'm gonna need you to work on Saturday..."

Loyal fans and drive-by-shooting voyeurs, I would like you all to meet Alan.  I *met* him yesterday when he found a tinge of humor in my ongoing intestinal plight.  I plan on suing the detox pill manufacturer, by the way, for “false advertising” and  inability to back-up their claim of “full colon cleansing”.  I on the other hand have plenty to back-up my complaint with…plenty of back-up indeed.  Anyway, go visit Alan at his office next time you have a few minutes.  Just be sure to check in with the receptionist and be ready for a quick anal-prodding.  Don’t worry, I’m assured it’s “standard procedure” and that the gloves are latex free.



  1. Just your standard anal prod. Due to cutbacks however they will be reusing the rubber gloves.

    Cheers webiegal. Have a great weekend. And like my lawyer friends say “Sue! Sue! Sue!”

  2. As a receptionist I can tell you I will not be doing any anal prodding. YUCK!!

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