Open season…

March 20, 2009

This spring is gonna be great.  How do I plan to measure this?  Simple.  The greatness will be in direct relation to how many awesomely bad photos can be taken and shared with you all — my fine readers.  My friends deserve the best, after all, and I vow to give it to you.



Our very first installment of “Fresh Air Flesh” comes courtesy of a good friend’s photo submission.  We’ll call my friend *Sally* (mainly due to the fact that I am using her picture without permission).  Apparently the mid-60’s temperature today taunted some people to dust off the old flip-flops – or thongs, if you’re nasty – and saddle up for a day of tootsie-freedom-festivities.  Unfortunately it seems, proper pedi preparation was not taken in this case.  While I’m not going to sit here and make light of what appears to be a raging fungal infection, I am going to say that at the very least a bandage or toenail polish could have been applied.  Something with a colorful dinosaur print and “IMMA E CHU” letters might have been fun…or a funky black polish with snazzy sparkles for an “on-my-way-to-a-rave” feel.  Any detractor would have been accepted.

*A special thank you to my good friend *Sally* for risking her life taking this photo.  I guess the risk of harm was rather low considering the likelyhood of this person being able to successfully pursue her on foot.



  1. Wow, now that is some “good lookins” right there. Might I suggest a visit to the Regal Nail salon, conveniently located inside local Wal-Mart’s across the country.

  2. sally put herself in serious personal danger to get that shot. toeman was easily 350 lbs and looked hungry.

    • Much appreciated. Oh, and try to get a good *muffin top* shot sometime next week – the weather will be perfect for it.

  3. That is just nasty!!! They make a cream for that problem.

  4. I don’t care who I offend. Flip-flops and open-toe shoes of any variety are what I hate about warm weather. People don’t know proper foot etiquette. YUCK!

    • Seems you and I are going to have to settle this argument the old fashioned way…thumb war.

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