Now taking orders…

March 21, 2009

I’m not in this for the fame, I’m in this for the funny.  But something tells me that if I can keep bringing the funny – the fame will follow.  I’m not talking “Octomom” type fame (please make note: this is the one and ONLY time I will reference that monstrosity on my blog) I’m talking “legend-in-my-own-mind” type fame.  The type where I shamelessly wear my own t-shirts and sport a vanity plate on my car that says “WEBIE”.  Actually, I already do one of these…most of you know which one.

Being the designer extraordinaire that I am, I’m already planning a line of t-shirts, screen savers and mouse pads for use in fine offices everywhere.  Won’t Betty be jealous when she gets a look at your “Total World Domination” mouse pad while still attempting to hold on to her 20’s with N*SYNC — featuring an oh-so-awesome Chia Pet version of Justin Timberlake — and a metallic Sharpie forged autograph.  Poor girl…so desperate to fit in.

world_dominationI plan to offer up some of these delicious goodies free of charge until things really get rolling.  You can’t get much cheaper advertising than a couple of good friends and $10 t-shirts.



  1. I want a t-shirt and mouse pad!! I will wear it with pride.

    • I will have to employ some Girl Scout rejects to go door-to-door and take orders. Be on the lookout!

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