Burn baby burn…

March 22, 2009

Stupid RSS Feed.  I feel like a moron.  I’m going to kick Al Gore’s ass for inventing this complicated feature when single-handedly crafting the internet.  I’ve frantically Googled all afternoon trying to find one set of instructions that were at all helpful in explaining how to set up this snazzy added feature to my blog.  Instead of out right admitting that I’m not worthy of “all things Webie” I will chose to tell you that all of the so-called *tutorials* sucked.

Since I always aim to please my fans, I went ahead and placed what I believe to be the proper feed link on my page.  If it works – my steaming hot plates of funny will be served up straight out of the fryer.  If it doesn’t – I blame Al Gore and suggest that you all do the same.

*This entry could be viewed in one of two ways.  Either I really am an idiot and can’t figure out how to incorporate something that millions of other bloggers have done with ease — OR — I really am a genius and I just got hundreds of you to click and subscribe to my blog.  In the spirit of 5th grade favorite “Create Your Own Ending” books…I’ll let you all decide.



  1. My friend, my friend… Your RSS subscription is not properly set up. I’ll get with you to give you proper instruction on setting up. The feed just redirects back to your blog. Shaking my head!

    • Your instruction is appreciated.

      Do I get any points for having the feed set up? I mean, even though my link is not correct. But…if you click on the icon, I’m pretty sure that it goes to the same type of page that yours does. No?

      Again – I blame Al Gore.

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