Sweeping through the plains…

March 22, 2009

While I have absolutely no shame in admitting to or regularly practicing the art of talking to myself, it’s always nice to know that you guys are out there to listen.  And yes – I did say art form.  Let’s be honest…it’s not easy to pull off 3 main characters, a fully developed sub-plot and believable dialog all by ones self.  It takes skills.  Mad skills.

Get'chor shop on, get'chor shop on!

Get'chor shop on, get'chor shop on!

As often people who know me do, a friend of mine thought of me yesterday.  When faced with the decision of where to stop and pick up a replacement part for his beloved bidet, he chose The Home Depot.  Sure he could have gone to any number of locations including Ace Hardware, Lowe’s or “Bobby’s Balloon Knot Bargain Barn” but he chose ‘The Big Orange’ instead.  Why?  Because he wanted to be in my blog, of course!  Who doesn’t want to be?  LIAR!  You so do.  You know it.  Otherwise why would you be spending so much time planning that funny stunt you will ask an innocent bystander to snap pictures of while you hope not to get punched in the face by someone in the paint department?  It’s all about making it into Webie World — and nothing to do with the fact that Lowe’s blows.  Hard.

*A special thank you to Randy for being such a loyal friend and Home Depot shopper and submitting this fine picture.  Even though you cut part of the “T” in The and the entire “O” in Oklahoma off, I’ll refrain from pointing that out to everyone.



  1. At the risk of exposing my considerable ignorance…is there some background materials I should be reviewing? I’m not sure of the significance of the home depot.

    The idea of a man who owns, breaks and yet is able to repair his own bidet is quite novel though…

    • I see we haven’t been doing our home work.

      These Cliff Notes should help:

      • Thank you. If there is other mandatory reading please let me know.

      • Mandatory: You will visit Webie Gal’s blog at least once (sometimes twice, often more than three times) per day.

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