The grill to nowhere…

March 22, 2009

While I do enjoy most people (those in Government are teetering dangerously close to the ledge) and find getting to know someone new fascinating, I can’t claim to be gifted in the art of understanding them.  I often wonder just what types of classes someone must be subjected to in order to gain a Psychology degree.  “Ego Stroking: 101”, “How to Smile Through Mental Torture”, “50 Nifty Tricks to Convince Anyone That They Are Indeed Interesting”.  The mind boggles.

grill1Everyone knows that neighbor. We’ve either had one in the past, have one now or know someone who does. He’s that guy who wanders over at all hours to “chat” while sipping a martini – never mind that it’s 7:43 in the morning; on a Tuesday. He’s already half-baked and ready to debate the NRA with you.  He does things that make no sense to the average, normal, person.  He smells like a gin blossom and is currently taking more prescription medications than the entire 6th floor of a nursing home’s residents combined.  Maybe this is reason why one afternoon, he rolled out the trusty Charbroil and dumped it in the middle of the side yard.  Maybe this explains why he saddles up the riding mower and trims ever so carefully around the grill leaving the grass and weeds to grow around its base.  Perhaps he’s trying to achieve some form of “yard art” that the average person just doesn’t understand or appreciate.  The mind boggles.


One comment

  1. I wonder if that neighbor would be willing to whip up a tasty fillet on the Charbroil for another wonderful and tolerant neighbor?

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