Because it’s funny…

March 25, 2009

meat1I love Google images.

It’s like dim-sum for the perverted mind.

This fungi-fella might want to have that unfortunate looking growth removed from his *giggler*.

I’m just saying.



  1. You have GOT to be stroking me. Seriously.

    • Billy Squire I am not.

  2. That’s just GROSS !!!

  3. Are you saying that growth isn’t supposed to be there? Cause, if so, I should probably get looked at fast.

    • Not to worry. Most likely it’s just ringworm. Or an ingrown hair. Or a mole. Or your testicle is going to fall off. Or it’s nothing and you just need to scrub a little harder in the shower. I hear Ram Brand Soap is great at dissolving skin growths and extra appendages.

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