Thank you for eating…

March 25, 2009
HEY! Who ate all of the f*cking bell peppers!?

HEY! Who ate all of the f*cking bell peppers!?

Of all the groups who lobby up on Capital Hill I am convinced that no one has a more horrifying presence than “The Bell Pepper Farmers of America” (which, oddly enough, somehow includes Mexico…go figure).  Seems these scruffy pee-on-your-bushel types will stop at nothing short of “Total Processed Food World Domination” and are willing to go to drastic measures in order to please their farming constituents.  One can only imagine the promises that are made behind closed doors.

“Kashi, if you all agree to put dried, red bell peppers into your 7-grain granola – we will ensure that no FDA Agent darken your factory doorstep again.”

This little *deal* might explain the sudden appearance of Jiff’s new “Chunky Pepper Peanut Butter”.  Nothing gives you swollen eyelids and a salmonella induced bleeding o-ring like this awesome creation can!  Come and get it kids!


One comment

  1. Where in the f@$k did you find THIS little treat??

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