That’s messed up, yo…

March 26, 2009

There is nothing I hate more than being restricted.  I have a lot to say and very little self discipline so when I feel the urge to share — I want to share NOW.  Whatever the hell is going on with this blog site today is pissing me off.  Knowing as much as I know about the web and all it’s awesomeness, I can tell that there just might be a slight issue with a style sheet.  Yeah, like the whole f*cking thing got deleted and now all of us faithful users are having to navigate through a sea of scrambled shit-on-a-stick in order to post anything new.  Luckily for you all I can feel my way through and bring you some funny.  I know…I was worried for a second too.

I like to look at my blog stats and see where my audience is coming from.  How are they finding Webie Gal?  Seems more than a dozen of you are looking for sex.  Couple that with the *hookers* that Elliot Spitzer searched on last weekend and it seems there is quite an audience appetite for this.  While I won’t go so far as to run a virtual brothel (even though I could get you all some seriously hot ladies to oogle) my motto is to “give my fans what they want”.  If you want sex, well sex it shall be.  Since I’m currently logged into the company network I’ll have to refrain from searching on the deliverables for now.  Let’s be honest…if I’m gonna lost my job over this blog is sure as hell isn’t going to be because I was Googling *sex* while at work.  Flames…I will go down in MAJOR flames.

I do find myself a bit torn.  One the one hand: I love and need my job.  On the other: the funniest things that happen in my day have to do with interaction in my workplace.  Too bad for you all…a gal’s gotta eat.  Just one Checker’s double-horse-meat-with-bacon-and-cheese-burger, please.


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