Witness protection program…

March 26, 2009

Someone in Congress must have found out that I was promoting the ridiculousness that is Obama’s Teleprompter, TOTUS.  They are trying to “shut me down” and lead me to believe that it’s my employer pulling the plug.  Oh…the evil that is our government.  First they force me to work so they can take almost all of my money and then they remove my lifeline to the outside world — now I know how monkeys at the zoo must feel.  All the years I’ve judged them for their poo-flinging antics.  Hell, I’d throw my shit at people too if I were cut off from all forms of electronic social interaction.

Well faithful funny-followers, I stand firmly behind my blog.  In this day of doom-and-gloom people need funny and dammit, I’m gonna give it to them!  Dread will not win out over the power of “the good laugh” and my cell phone camera will not be silenced.  Let this be a warning to all — funny will prevail!

“There is nothing to see here…please disburse.”


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