All sorts of awesome…

March 27, 2009

Most of you know that my official blogging career began in boredom.  Sitting in a jury assembly room, surrounded by a sea of doodie brown chairs with only “pulled pork guy” offing any nourishment.  Ah, yes.  Those were the days.  Never mind the bitchin’ $25-big-ones a day I earned OR the ready-for-professional-framing certificate I received — they pale in comparison to the gem that arrived in the mail today.  Seems webie gal didn’t go unnoticed by anyone those fateful days and the Sheriff himself felt compelled to drop me a line.  While I’m getting used to*fan mail* it’s still  something I find very exciting and new.  I can’t be sure but, it sounds to me like someone’s hoping to get a little action.

“I commend you for your involvement as a citizen and a job well done.”

Huuummmm.  Sounds like “hey baby, do you want to see something swell?” to me.  I’m just saying.


One comment

  1. I didn’t get a letter when I had jury duty :( And I sat on a jury for 3 days!

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