Stuck on stupid…

March 27, 2009

Fear not funny fans — Kelsey is here!  Of course my updates are going to be far less during the work day due to the Government blocking my account.  I am beginning to think that Barney Frank was one of the people searching for sex and happened upon my blog to read all about his Elmer Fudd impersonation.  Well, too bad.  I call them like I hear them here in webie world.  Just wait until I have time to sit down and give you all my take on Geithner.  Oh yes fans — THAT will be a banner day!  [cue theme song to Beavis & Butthead]

We’ve got lots to talk about tonight so stay with me.  Even though I’m being forced to post from a 6 year-old HP desktop with a hard drive that hasn’t seen any real action in over 2 years — I’m gonna power through and “bring you the funny”!



  1. It’s about time … I was having “funny” withdrawals !

    • Fear not — NO ONE can stop the funny. Not even Pelosi herself.

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