Early mid-life crisis…

March 28, 2009

I’m beginning to wonder whether or not it’s time for me to give up “Operation: Grapeseed Oil” and try something more drastic.  The hubs is growing a beard.  I know, I’d gasp for me too – not because it looks terrible on him (I actual liken him to an early 80’s George Michael) but because it likely means only one of two things.

1. Long hours in the office and the required dedication to my still-somewhat-virgin blog and new found fans has left him feeling neglected.  The new scruff could be the warning sign that “20-something blond play date mistress” is in our very near future.  Let’s be honest…most younger chicks dig a more mature man so he’s definitely working the right angle.  Being someone who always tries to see the good in life, this might not be all that terrible.  Maybe she’ll finally be able to teach him where dirty clothes belong, what a toilet brush is used for and that sometimes women really do have a headache.  Even smokin’ hot 20-something ones.

2. The endless days of stay-at-home-daddom have finally gotten to him and he needs something new to do.  I’m thinking this might be the more likely scenario after the exchange we had in the bathroom last night.  No, not that kind of exchange sickos…the verbal kind.  He told me last night that he “needs to learn how to take care of his beard.”  After looking at him for a second to see whether or not he was kidding I quickly realized his was serious.  Dead serious.  Being the ever loving wife I am I smiled and reminded him that it “wasn’t a Chia Pet or anything” and most likely “didn’t require an Aqua Globe for regular watering”.  I can see it now…I walk in on the hubs and 20-something play date mistress feeding his beard Sea Monkey flakes and pep talking it into growing another 16th of an inch this week.

>> “Oooooooh, I’ve gotta have faith.  I’ve gotta have faaaith….” <<



  1. I’m not sure what to say to this yet. It sounds like he has some issues and has decided to take them out on his poor, innocent face.

  2. women, including 20-something blonds, have headaches? This is definitely news to me. Like, Fox news!

  3. You need to watch Mr. Mom it will explain it all.

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