Mall rats…

March 28, 2009

As if Burger King’s food isn’t horrible enough — they feel the need to go one step further and make shapes out of it.  Fabulous.  Believe me, it’s a desperate situation when I even consider buying fast food.  I’d say a crankly 1-year old in an overcrowded suburban mall justifies plunking down the coin.

Which came first - the chicken or the nugget?

Which came first - the chicken or the nugget?

As I sat on my tiny food court “kiddie-table-chair” I pondered a few things.  What were these *chicken nuggets* really made out of?  Who’s the ass-clown over at corporate who thought up the “fun shape” idea?  Did they mean for these (chicken?) nuggets to look like chicken feet?  Is this supposed to make them more appealing to eat?  Perhaps they are trying to force us into believing that these are indeed made of chicken.  Yes?

Well, it’s not working.  No chicken I’ve ever had is crunchy like that…and no, I’m not taking about the oh-so-deep-fried-five-spice coating.  I guess “The King” and his bloated plastic face and Riverdance legs hopes we don’t ask too many questions and just chow down.  I would write an email to send to corporate and complain but I’m terrified they will send this nighmare-inducing-brand-destroyer to my house in an attempt to smooth things over.



  1. I think they were trying to make the nuggets look like little crowns, but I am afraid that the end result came out looking more like feet. That is some kick-ass marketing right there.

  2. We do eat more fast food than we should but most of the time we are so busy with baseball that it just can’t be helped. I tell you this to say Wendys & McDonalds have ok chicken nuggets that look like & taste like chicken without spending a ton of money. Those are just plain scary looking! Shame on Burger King and there scary ass king!

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