Calling all funny…

March 29, 2009

lubeI’m sitting here thinking [dreading] being locked out of my blog all day come tomorrow, and being the optimistic-seeking-pessimist I am…I’ve come up with a great idea.  In the spirit of “using-your-buttcheeks-as-bongos” audience participation, I’m going to open the blog up to you guys each morning during the work week.  This is your chance to “bring the funny” in an instant gratification format.  Let’s be honest…who doesn’t like instant gratification?  LIAR!  You know you do!  Why else would you have that bottle of ultra-slick lube in the top drawer of your night stand.  Huh?  That’s right.  We’re all on to you.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being ever-ready-to-go.  I’m just saying.

Ok, so here’s the deal.  In the spirit of the highly anticipated and extremely popular Facebook favorites “Movie Quote Monday” and “Random Thoughts Thursday”, I’m going to post a “Playschool Party” topic of the day that is totally open to all comments and additions by you guys.  I ask that you keep your replies PG-13 in rating so that I won’t be forced to have to hold future comments for moderation before they get posted.  I want to keep this blog hopping so as hard as I know it is [insert lube joke here] please do your best to refrain.  Capeshe?  Capeshe.

Check in each evening before midnight EDT to see what the discussion will be about and then plan on getting a good night’s sleep so that you can come back fresh the next morning and ready for funny!

*Please note:  I shamelessly added a “sex” tag to this post in order to draw a larger audience.  Perverts tend to be very funny people so I hope you all will welcome our newest funny fans with open — arms.  Yes, arms.  Of course.


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