Open mic Monday…

March 29, 2009
Even THIS guy is doing it!

Even THIS guy is doing it!

Since having to work sucks, let’s have some fun.  I’m gonna make this really easy for all you first timers out there.  Think of it as a little “slap-n-tickle” in pixel land.  I know there are far more voyers on my blog than active participants.  Seems my immediate family and closest friends are the most likely crowd to freely strip down and shake their boobies “Girls Gone Wild” style here in webie world.  I wonder what that says about them?  Probably that they spend way too much time hanging around a show-and-tell-all gal like me.  So, for those of you who like to watch…it’s time to see your naughty bits.

The first rule on open mic Monday is that there are no rules on open mic Monday.

Just leave a comment. That’s all.  No strings attached.  Hell, you can even be anonymous if you want I don’t mind.  Nothing like a little mystery to keep people coming back for more.  Throw words like “sex” and “hookers” up there and you’ll be golden for sure.  Seems people like that stuff when surfing for blogs.  Go figure.

*All snarking aside – talk about anything.  What pisses you off.  What gets you off.  What makes you laugh.  Who pisses you off.  Who gets you off.  Who makes you laugh.  You get the idea.



  1. What does a rooster call its cock?

  2. Alan, I appreciate your show-us-your-tits attitude today (not that I’m accusing you of having “man boobs”, of course). Seems not many others are willing to flash along. I liken this to a couple of possible reasons.

    1. People actually do work while at work.
    2. Not everyone wants to have their name up in lights. I’m thinking this strange aversion might be due to the fear of drug addiction and meaningless sex with strangers.
    3. I’m just not that interesting. Naaaahhhhhh!! That’s just crazy talk. I’m sure most of you are working and will stop by later to say “hello” or “f*ck you” or “you suck” or “show us your REAL tits”.

    Don’t worry, I won’t make you guys do all the work for long. There are a couple of things to discuss this evening.

    Foreshadow: marshmallows, girl scout cookies and fan mail.

  3. Wonders why ex’s still want to have sex with you????? Maybe, I’m that good ;)

    • I don’t know about him, but I think you are Mel.

  4. Ok…I can see this just isn’t going to work. That’s ok. I don’t mind doing all the work.


  5. Don’t give up yet! I’ll lob out another. Can a one armed mime speak in half sentences during his performances to compensate for his physical deficiencies?

    P.S. I’m getting a bit of mileage out of my rooster/cock question. Ram’s latest post fed right into it.

    • Ahhhh…Alan. You are my new greatest friend – I appreciate your humor. Something tells me that you and I quite possibly could have been switched at birth.

  6. I’m just not that witty. Or funny. But here’s a joke for you all anyway. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    3 deaf guys are sitting on a bench. The first guy says, “Boy, it sure is windy today.” The second guy says, “No, today is Thursday.” And the third guy goes, “Me, too, let’s go get some coffee.”

    Told you. :)

    • I always knew you were a bit of a wild child Carrie!

  7. I get a big kick out of people’s grammatical gaffes. For example, I overheard the woman in front of me in line in Walmart talking on her cell phone to someone about her teenage son, who had recently been diagnosed with depression. She said, “He really doesn’t want anyone to know because there’s still such astigmatism attached to mental illness.”

    • Bravo Binky! This is exactly the kind of funny we love here in webie world! Grammatical snafoos are always a welcome addition along with ridiculous metaphors, dirty haikus and naughty limericks. Keep them coming!

  8. :)
    If so, then we need to talk about your “real” mother. She’s very intense, she’s very Scottish and she’s driving me crazy!

    • That’s ok.

      Yours is overbearing, not very smart and — I’m sorry to say — quite a floosie.

  9. I am with Carrie. You know me, I am just not that witty.

  10. Haha!

  11. I still can’t read this teeny tiny font. My eyes are bleeding.

    • I did edit the CSS on your behalf and then was asked to pay some money to publish the changes. Kelsey pays no one for pixels.

  12. WordPress confuses me with it’s rules and authorities.

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