A big warm glass of shut the hell up…

March 30, 2009

What’s crunchy, delicious and has only 1,289 calories?  It’s a GIGANDO Goldfish graham cracker!

"You know I speak whale..."

"You know, I speak whale."

I’d hate to tussle with the kid who can throw down a bag of these bad boys.  I’m no skinny-mini but I’m pretty sure he could hurt me.  Hurt me bad.

*Thank you once again to “The Rican Suave” for leaving these tasty little treats on my desk today.  They scared the shit out of me, which these days, is a good thing.



  1. What in the HELL are these things? I can’t say that I have been able to keep company with these giant goldfish creatures. We must shop at very different grocery stores.

    • This is what happens when fat kids run factory lines.

  2. At least they’re smiling !

  3. they remind me of stepping stones in my mIL garden.

    • And just imagine the *stones* dropped in the *garden* after consuming a bag of these. Huh? HUH??

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