Hot diggity dog it’s animail…

March 30, 2009

I think I’ll make Monday night “Mail Bag Monday” as long as there are emails from you all to be answered.  Let’s dive right in:

If you are a designer than howcome your blog is a template?
Well, I could spend time making a custom header and altering the CSS but I’d much rather spend it answering emails from fans like you.  Besides, it’s funny to have small type on a black background and imagine all the people out there having to squint and lean forward to read my posts.  I think one day I’ll place a link that goes to a page that screams and has a scary face on it just for fun.  Hey, if I’m shitting all day – so is everyone else.

Why do you want to get rid of you dog?

Oh…I don’t really want to.  I just think about it sometimes.  She never does anything funny.  Just annoying.

You should post pictures of yourself.
Maybe.  If I were ugly, would that make you laugh?  I’m all about the laughs.  Actually, I’m pretty.  Almost pretty hot.  If I posted pictures that would just make this a sex site and if that’s gonna be the case – I need to start charging and not many people could afford me.

You do know that Al Gore didn’t really invent the internet right?
Of course I know that.  He was too busy making up “Global Warming”.

What is total world domination?
HA! I’m glad you asked. With all the doom-and-gloom these days I figured we could all use a little funny so I am making it my mission.  In person, via email, on the web…if it’s able to be dominated I will stop at nothing to do so.

You mentioned Sea monekey flakes before. Do you have Sea monekeys?
Nope.  My son drank them.

Your blog is nothing special.
I’m sorry you feel that way but I understand.  My brand of humor isn’t for everyone…just people who have a sense of it.  I’m guessing you aren’t one of them.  That’s ok.  I’m sure Rahm Emmanuel has a bitchin’ blog somewhere that’s perfect for your kind of funny.  Please tell him Kelsey sent you!



  1. I think your blog is very special.

  2. Are you kidding? Tell me you made that up! Who takes the time to tell someone their blog isn’t anything special?

    • Sadly, nothing you read is “made up” in webie world. Not even my crotch-licking dog. She is very real.

  3. I can back up the truth of the crotch-licking dog. She is VERY real and does a lot of crotch-licking.

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