No shoes or shirts required…

March 30, 2009

I’ll leave you all with a funny sign that I came across on Google today:


Please come back soon as there will be a fresh bowl of funny served nightly.  Extra dressing available upon request.

*Feel free to drop a comment in the box on your way out.



  1. You know what’s cool? Commenting on your own blog.

  2. I am cracking up over here and not just because there might be whiskey in my coffee – I only do that on cloudy mornings and days that end in y. I just love this new headline on Barack Obama’s teleprompter’s blog: “Because There Is No POTUS Without TOTUS”

  3. HAHA! Just got a delivery from a regular reader here at my desk. I’ll post the story tonight.

  4. So excited! On my way home and have some great things to share tonight. A little bit of everything – work, life, puppets and of course – Total World Domination.

  5. Sorry to interrupt your conversation…

    Actually, I have nothing to add. Please continue.

    Kelsey,you were saying?

    • I do have a talent for self entertainment but you are welcomed to join in anytime Ram.

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