Baby’s got a little gas…

March 31, 2009
"You wan fry rice or noodle?"

"You wan fry ri or noole?"

What is this world coming to when you can’t walk into a Panda Express at noon and expect to get hot, fresh, quality food in a decent quantity?  It’s madness I say, and so did The Rican Suave.  Not only did he demand to be served from “the next batch” of noodles and fried rice – but – he also refused to eat anything that wasn’t actually chicken.

Kudos to you Javier!  You are an inspiration to hungry office workers everywhere who just want to escape the horror of jail-house style cafeteria trays, insect ridden fluorescent lights and middle aged “rock-n-roll” guys who refuse to wear hair nets.  We all deserve a day out with *real* food.



  1. Mmmmmmm…. I heart Panda Express. Orange chicken! Yummy goodness!

  2. I would consider eating at Panda Express if I didn’t see kitty cats always roaming around their back door. It kinda makes me nervous to think that what they are passing off as chicken is really “another white meat”.

  3. NO way, not Panda Express… you take that back or I’m taking my ball and going home.

    • Ok, ok…I take it back.

      They serve hamster not cat.

  4. No way ::shaking head:: am I taking that kitty cat comment back. The ONLY food that I will even consider eating from Panda Express are the vegetable dishes, and even then I find myself checking it out prior to consumption.

    • Nat – are you drunk again?

  5. Missing. Out.

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