HumpDay again…

April 1, 2009


Apparently, it’s only the vending machine that’s allowed to do the raping.  I mean….a buck twenty-five for Cheez-Its?  I’d be better off saving my coin for a tub of Vasoline.  The way soda machine prices are going I’m gonna need it.

I’m almost positive it was my vending-machine-filler-upper friend who hung this sign.



  1. You are getting totally bent over on your Cheez-Its at your office. Ours are only $.75. I’ll send some your way.

    • No need. I’ll just have sex with vending guy when he’s back in. Don’t worry — I’ll post pictures!

  2. That sign is completely disturbing.

  3. I’ll buy you a giant box at Wal-Mart!

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