Super, thank you for asking…

April 1, 2009

You know what’s funny?  Not April Fool’s.  I really don’t get it and I pride myself on being not-at-all dumb.  Maybe that’s what put me an a *mood* today.  Or it could have been the guy who thought it would be fun to see how close he could get to me while going 45.   I’m sure he was only trying to get a good read on my “webiegal.com” window sticker.  That’s right!  I’m selling ad space to myself for myself.  Isn’t that awesome?  Too bad my car sits in the same place all day – for 9 hours – in a parking deck.  Maybe the cigarette-butt-picker-upper people will see it and come visit us here.  If that’s the case, I need to get some liquor and novelty sex toy ads up pronto!  What?  I’m not stereotyping.  Smokers are notoriously kinky in bed.  I know, I was a quite a slut back in my day.  Lots of smokers – lots of…ok, I know my dad’s a regular so I’ll spare him.  This time.  I do liken this blog to having a journal, only it’s online and it’s not just the hubs who will sneak into the linen closet to read it.  Alright, alright — I exaggerated.  He didn’t have to sneak.  I was at work.


One comment

  1. I am pretty sure that I can speak for dad and say that he is quite relieved that you are willing to spare him the kinky sex details.

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