Because it’s funny…

April 2, 2009




  1. If you find this kind of humor funny, then you might find our stuff some-what entertaining. Good catch on the photo!


  2. This is a great picture! Loved it from day one.

  3. Okay, I have to agree though. Water balloon tossing is very intense. Will it break? Will it bounce off of you like three-day-old jello? Will you get rubber water in your eye? Will your undergarments show through the wet shirt?

    So much stress…

  4. You do make some very valid points Chris. I personally have never taken part in a balloon toss so it’s easy for me to sit here and judge. It’s what I do best, after all. Catching wet, slippery vodka filled balloons, not so much.

  5. Ha ha ha! Too rich for words…
    Boy, water balloon toss truly isn’t for the feint of heart.

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  7. You all need a life. Seriously.

  8. Fail. Jeez Your mother needs to stop breakin’ balls.

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