Random thoughts Thursday…

April 2, 2009

Oh boy…this is my favorite night of the week!  It’s time to share senseless nothingness with you all.

Maybe I’ll sing Jesus Christ Superstar in the office today.  “What’s the buzz, what is a happening…”

What exactly is a Wookilar?

I’m sure the people who make thumbtacks stick them on each others chairs for fun.  That never gets old.

Nut pickers must be nasty.

I wonder what TOTUS is doing today.

LS Jr hasn’t seen much action lately, it might be time to double-down on the pills.

I can never remember who has the *real* hands – Beeker or the Swedish Chef.

It’s possible someone sneezed on this pizza.

Do dogs know that they are licking their balls?

I wonder if they will let me take a ride in their giant swan paddle boat.

It doesn’t get cooler than Walken.



  1. I think we need to ring the door bell and ask if we can ride on the swan paddle boat. I have been itching to do that for years.

    Thanks for the sneezer pizza comment. We just ordered Pizza Hut tonight for dinner.


    • Classic film. Best pumpkin ever.

  3. Where is this swan paddle boat? I to would like a ride! Funny I had pizza for dinner to. But I don’t think anyone sneezed on it. I hope.

  4. What would a swan think if you took a swan for a ride on the swan boat? Blow. His. Mind.

  5. Chris, that could be arranged. There ARE live specimens in said pond that contains said paddle boat. But, in the interest of keeping a clean record – we’ll just have to dream about this.

  6. Oh but the stories and pictures you’d have for your grandkids… They would be so proud.

  7. It would be a “Total World Domination” moment – fo’SHO!

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