Let’s make like spoons…

April 4, 2009

I really get a kick out of your emails and they are that much better when a picture is included.


Dusty bottle and "just-in-case" tooth brush find comfort in each other.

For all of the people out there who have come to know me as the “proper crapping technique” gal (I still have no less than 3 searches a day using this term) I’m happy to say that I now have a second claim-to-fame.  Grapeseed Oil.  I’m thrilled with this but not for what you all might be assuming as obvious reasons.  I really am proud of my colon cleansing mission and plan to continue to spread awareness across the country of just how beneficial a well adjusted lower digestive system can be.   What tickles me about the Grapeseed Oil is the many, many uses that I’m finding for it — beyond what the hubs originally bought it for.  Which, for those of you who are new (or too lazy to click on the helpful link I’ve provided), was to help me avoid having to voluntarily inject botchy-balls-poison into my gorgeous face.  While it’s not going quite as well as I would have hoped, I am trying to be patient.  Something I’m notoriously bad at.

As I was saying, here are some other great uses for that dusty bottle of Grapeseed Oil under a counter near you:

1. Cooking (duh)
2. Salad dressing (even more duh)
3. Hair conditioner (it only looks slightly greasy)
4. Cuticle softener (if you give two shits about these things)
5. Lip moisturizer (far superior to Chap Stik)
6. Message oil (which leads us straight into…)
7. Personal lubricant (no flavor or fake scent and far less expensive by volume than KY or Astro Glide)

*Thank you Elena for sending me this hidden treasure. You have helped me help my readers get more pleasure out of life with a simple, organic product.


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