You’re jinglin’ baby…

April 4, 2009

People who are “smarter” or “cooler” or “hipper” or more “popular” than me — please help me understand Twitter.



  1. Twitter is designed to make “uncool” people “cooler”. To involve them in some type of weird, 140 character community. It can be useful for certain things (ie: following your favorite celebrity’s every move, following people you don’t know but think are funny, or letting strangers know every step of your day) You can follow me! EverLazyDays :)

    • My belief is that some ultra not-at-all-popular kid from high school came up with it as ultimate revenge. There’s nothing out there in cyber world today that can evoke greater feelings of “I’m a TOTAL looser” than the follower to following ratio on Twitter.

  2. You may be right about the creation of twitter. Or maybe it’s a ploy by the government to know what everyone’s doing without having to tap their phones.

    • ELD, you just might be onto something.

  3. I have not been on Twitter in about a week or so now. I guess I don’t understand what the main focus is…especially when I follow people on Facebook daily. One can only keep up with so many status updates.

  4. Search for the video “Twouble with Twitter”. Have fun! TJ

    • “Just found a parking space…”

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