Gullible’s travels…

April 5, 2009

In today’s economy retailers are having to go above and beyond to get customers through their doors.  I get that.  Hell, I work in web retail so I know all the tricks — and no, I’m not going to share them with you…yet.

kfcI’m all about a tasty meal.  I don’t let the *fat girl* in me eat as much or as often as she could so I’m always indulging in sign slurping.  Taco Bell has their 7-layer nachos, McDonald’s is offering coffee house inspired frozen, fatty delights and  KFC has a new kickin-your-arteries-ASS buffet.  Seems they are going up against the likes of Golden Coral and Ryan’s Steakhouse which is a bit of a stretch to me.  Sure KFC has buttery biscuits and makes-you-wanna-bathe-in-it brown gravy…but I don’t see them pulling in tour bus fulls of elderly Church retreat goers any time soon.  Apparently they don’t either judging by the sign I came across today.  Their claim of “almost free” is equal to me saying “almost a size 2”.  Not even close and only someone who was incredibly stupid or hard of seeing would run the risk of believing it.

*Thank you to my sister, Natalie, who almost non-complainingly drove a whole mile and a half further than she would have today in order for me to snap this picture.


One comment

  1. I wonder how much their NOT “Almost Free” buffet costs. And what would be the difference in the food offerings between the two.

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