It happens every day…

April 5, 2009

I am offering a one-year FREE subscription to “Progressive Parenting Magazine” – designed for those of us who would rather prep our children for pre-teen sex brought on by over zealous marketing executives who push Bratz Dollz on soon-to-be-no-longer innocent tweens everywhere as opposed to pretending “it won’t happen to me” – to the first person who can correctly identify the hidden danger in allowing your children to assemble the ever popular foam alphabet play mat unattended.  I guess the packaging is right…parental guidance is suggested.





  2. weird coincidence, i just bought a set of these yesterday. hubby already informed me that he was disappointed that there is only one of each letter, since it means he can’t spell out anything profane. remind me not to show him this photo.

    • Something tells me he’ll figure this out all on his own…

  3. Wow, that just popped right out too! Go J-man!!

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