Open mic Monday continues…

April 5, 2009

Most of you are either A) painfully shy or B) too afraid to say anything to the awesomeness that is webie gal for fear of public humiliation and reticule, but, I’m going to leave this tasty nugget once again.  Even though the evil doers in IT have seemingly blocked me from the administration area of my beloved blog, they haven’t yet been able to keep me from viewing it all together.  Take that geeks!  So in the spirit of “one for the little gal” I’d love to hear from you guys.  You can leave anything you want behind although I will say up front that I’m in no mood to take on a second never-stops-eating-and-shitting gold fish.  Sea Monkeys would be a fine substitute.

"That jacket you're wearing is T-Bird property..."

"That jacket you're wearing is T-Bird property..."

LS Jr and I will be chillin’ at the ‘ol cube together.  I’m sure he misses me over the long (pffft) 48-hour weekend apart.  I do think of him often and actually came across a gaggle of suitable mates for him once he stops humping the second class wooden stool.  I guess we all have that wild oat to be sewed before settling down.

*Yes, the photo caption is indeed from none other than Grease 2 starring the goddess of perfection herself, Michelle Pfeiffer.  Not only did that movie make me wish I could even attempt to carry a tune but it also was the first time I realized that I really didn’t want to be ugly.



  1. A True Story

    There once was a guy from Kalamazoo
    who wanted to take it up the wazoo
    so I strapped 8 inches on and plowed him almost in two
    and he screamed, “You’re f**king me like a girl, woo hoo!”

    • Bravo Binky! You are my kinda lady and always welcomed back to webie world.

      • Whew! I was afraid I’d gone over the top1 :)

  2. I know that most people don’t agree with us Kelsey, but Grease 2 is still one of my most favorite movies of all times. Oh how I longed to have pretty long blonde hair like Stephanie and be cool as ice like Paulette. And Michael Carrington….well, there are not enough words to describe that yummy-ness.

  3. I must share….. My daughter has a tube of toothpaste that is safe to swallow which means it doesn’t have floride in it. It even says safe to swallow. However on the back it says “Keep out of reach of children”. What is up with that?!

  4. Watch out for those sea monkeys… they’ll only break your heart. Trust me on this one.

  5. Grease 1 was better.


  6. Grease 2 made me want to smoke and chew bubble gum. I was eleven. I quit smoking three years ago. I’m thirty-six.

  7. Sorry folks, I’m just never gonna be in the Grease fan club. It’s all about #2 for me.

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