Bazooka Joe…

April 7, 2009
A simple blast of air would have been just fine...

A simple blast of air would have been just fine...

If you guys aren’t checking out failblog on a daily basis, you really should be.  There is some seriously funny shit over there.  People like my friend Chris have been keen to this shiny nugget of goodness for a while now but for those of us who are just getting acquainted, it’s a lot of fun to tab back through the older posts and catch up on what we’ve been missing.  I think it was around page 164 when I came across a post that really made me laugh.  I mean really laugh.  Not that I’m one to take pleasure in others misery but some things are just too good not to laugh at.  The mysterious practice of shoving various household and food items up one’s ass falls into this category.  The sheer amount of *boggle* is what makes this so funny to me.  That and the fact that when things go wrong, someone ends up having to go to the hospital to have a potato gently removed from their rectum.  Imagine how that check-in conversation must go!

Nurse: “What is the nature of your illness or injury?”
Vicar: “I feel backwards onto a potato…”
Nurse: [Looking at Vicar with a hint of “aaaand….” in her eyes]
Vicar: “It’s stuck in my butt hole.”

I’m telling you — it almost makes me a little jealous.  I would never have that kind of conversation in my line of work.  I knew I should have gone to medical school.

*Don’t believe me that this is a true story?  Of course you don’t but that’s ok.  I’ll leave you the link anyway.

>> Enjoy! <<



  1. HA HA! Honestly! Hanging curtains in the nude? That sounds like my kind of Vicar right there. I bet the neighbors are thrilled. And by thrilled, I mean not thrilled.

  2. I know, right? That’s just how I would be hanging my curtains if I were a man. Big swinging cock & balls in the window for all the neighborhood children to see. I’m sure that violates some rule of his HOA.

  3. It’s sad that we should have to include a clause like that in our HOA rule book.

  4. This reminded me of something I had read sometime ago. I tell ya, there’s no better token of affection than a concrete turd from your boyfriend. I guess the ping pong ball was to make it float? Don’t forget to check out the pic!


    • The mind boggles — but there is no doubt this mass would never have bobbled.

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