Foaming pipe snake…

April 7, 2009

I just remembered why I gave up watching TV for blogging.  Bret Michaels.  Seriously, I think this guy is single handedly to blame for the most ridiculous trend of the milena to date: Jeresy Douchebags.  Don’t believe me?  Well feast your soon-to-be-falling-out-of-their-sockets eyes on this bitchin’ side-by-side comparison:

Which is more Massingill? Tough call...

Who is more Massingill? Tough call...

Granted the douche bag on the right bathed in self-bronzer and gave the cameraman a wee bit more *pucker* but these two are pretty damn close to being separated at birth.  Now before my sisters get all up in here and start frantically commenting about how my bedroom was once plastered in hair band, pretty boy, arena rock posters — and yes, Poison was among one of my favs — I will admit that I still have a soft spot for this late 80’s music.  That doesn’t mean I have to punish myself by watching “Rock of Love 408”.  It’s painfully obvious to just about everyone (with the exception of money-grubbin’ programming whores at VH1 and the handfuls of skanky hopefulls who still willingly toss their crooked-nipples-fake breasts at Bret) that this show is nothing more than a f*ck fest for him.  Not that I have anything against seeing people having sex, of course.  I’d just prefer it to not be between an aging douche bag original and cross-nippled skanky wank, that’s all.



  1. I’ve still never seen a single episode of that show. Probably for all the reasons you just listed.

  2. but…but…I LOVE Rock of Love. I’m not going to lie. I DVR it. I kind of like it for all the reasons you listed. I suck.

  3. No, no, Kelly. You don’t suck. You just have a higher threshold for pain that I do. That’s all.

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