Green bean casserole…

April 7, 2009
Back that thang up!

Back that thang up!

In the spirit of “I never dish out what I can’t take”, I’m going to do something slightly risky tonight.  You see, I was hamming it up for the hubs one Friday morning before going into the office since I was feeling decidedly *Carrie Heffernan-ish* that day (bitchy, self-centered attitude included) and he snapped a picture with my cell phone.  Looking at this photo now after posting all about the douche bags I realized that I too was “doing the oompa loompa”.  The only thing really missing is the rusty bronze hue from my face.  Which kinda makes this not a true oompa so much as a ridiculous grainy photo of a mid-30’s gal trying to prove to herself and the hubs that she’s still *got it*.  Oh, I’ve got it alright.  Too much of it.



  1. Hahahaha.. No, no, no…. No oompa loompa. You have better hair, better fashion sense, you’re taller, you’re married (so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, that unlike the oompas, you’re not a virgin ) and you also appear to have better living quarters than that sweat shop that was a “chocolate factory.” Most important of all: Those oompa loomps were just sad whereas you are very funny.

    • All I need is a good bronzer and my life will be complete.

      • How hard are they to get?

        The dream is getting close!

      • Stop-N-Go marts carry bronzers so they are easy to come by…as long as I’m not too attached to the idea of keeping my skin.

  2. “Booty is Booty” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gMZ62PsvRM

    • I’ll make sure Jeremy watches this too.

  3. I thought you saved taht look just for me?

  4. Umm, yeah… Green Bean Casserole!

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