Happy SpeedHump day…

April 8, 2009
My day was like this elevator - only going down and smelled like vomit.

My day was like this elevator - only going down and smelled like vomit.

If you’re anything like me, you take comfort in knowing that other people had a shitty day just like you did.  It’s not that I enjoy other’s misery – it’s just human nature to not want to be alone.  Ok…so maybe sometimes I do like to see certain people have shitty days but other than that, I stand by my previous statement.

I haven’t been on Susan Miller’s site today to verify my distinctly in-tune-with-all-things-nature hunch but I’m guessing Mercury is currently in retrograde.  What the hell am I babbling about and why the hell should you care?  Oh my friends – you should care.  Believe me.  When this moody little f*cker starts backpedaling through the galaxy misery always abounds.  How do I know?  Because I’m miserable today and so is just about everyone else I walked within 3 feet of.  Never one to get a complex (except for the rare occasions that I have a massive zit, haven’t plucked my eyebrows, laugh and a booger flies out of my nose or fart in the bathroom at work when I know someone who saw me come in there is still in there) I didn’t take everyone’s bad attitude as anything I was personally responisble for bringing on.  Except maybe that one person who I warned to “get out of my face before I give you an enima with this soda bottle”.  That one might have been all me.



  1. Whoa! You really are a late night post girl… I call you “poster girl!”

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better and that you get the chance to shatter someone’s dreams.

  2. I love Susan Miller!

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