Random thoughts Thursday…

April 9, 2009

It’s my “twitterific” tradition.

– That Cheerio has been under here for a while.
– My “Robin Meade hair” didn’t turn out so well and really just makes me look pathetic.
– The rag on the handle of that locked bathroom door can’t signal anything good.
– I refuse to go 31 tailgating asshole.
– Poor swan must feel like a total failure starring at the grass like that and never being paddled.
– If “Joe the Plumber” can make a career out of asking a stupid question I sure can out of sharing random crap.
– J-walkers must enjoy 70 degree weather.
– When in the hell will this goldfish ever die?*

*Now that my colon-cleansing detox experiment is coming to an end I’ll be focusing on how long it will be until the worthless does-nothing-but-shit-and-eat goldfish takes the “flush flume ride”.



  1. -I can’t believe that a Cheerio has gone unnoticed in your house.
    -Did we experiment with your hair?
    -Rags on door handles never signal anything good. EVER.
    -Next time you don’t break 30, I’m going to ram you from behind.
    -We MUST sneak a ride on said swan.
    -Sharing random crap is awesome and brightens everyone’s day.
    -70* weather isn’t just for jaywalkers anymore.
    -I can help you out with the goldfish. Bring it to my house. It will surely die before sundown.

  2. What’s 31 tailgating? How did the detox go – success?

    • The speed limit on said road is 30. People choose to try and intimidate me into breaking it on a very regular basis. I’m not getting a speeding ticket for anyone.

      Detox went well and I gained a lifelong friend in LS Jr. My ultra-fast bathroom breaks will be appreciated by all for years to come.

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