Being Bobby Brown…

April 11, 2009

I’ve been having one of those days.  Actually, it’s been more like one of those weeks.  Call it PMS or ADD or RLS – whatever – but I’ve just not felt like being front-and-center.  That’s ok.  It’s asking a lot of people to put up with a lot of me without ever getting a breather.  Let’s be honest…I wouldn’t even want to live with me (I still haven’t found a way of making this possible so if anyone out there has any ideas please let me know).

Those of you who know me well and read this blog regularly no doubt see the cycle.  I’m up – way up, then I’m down – way down.  This repeats about every month or so but I choose not to believe that it’s associated with PMDD.  That’s far too easy an explanation for a gal as complex as I am.  Rather, I like to think that it’s due to my wildly creative nature and passion for life.  Even the longest candles burn to the ends eventually and need time to be built back up again before resuming their raging burn.

As much as I’ve been warned by friends, co-workers and MSNBC articles not to allow this blog to become my personal journal — I just don’t see how that won’t be the case.  Sure I love funny and nothing brings me more joy than giving that to those of you who come her to find it.  So, my posting of random funny and things I (and you all who chose to submit) come across just about daily and can’t help but poke fun at won’t be going anywhere.  There just might be a few more *personal* entries along the way that you can easily ignore.  After all, my motto from day one was “Let’s be honest…” and if I can’t do that with myself – I can’t do that with any of you.


One comment

  1. Gosh, PMDD, RLS, ADD, PMS…AND boycotting Facebook status updates? This is becoming an alarming situation.

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