Scroll buttons and the lappy…

April 13, 2009

Let’s start the week off right.

Your sense of humor is kinda strange. What were you like as a kid?
I was strange and found odd things amusing.  I like to tell myself that this is due to the fact that I was left alone to entertain myself during those early years.  My older sister hated me and my younger wasn’t old enough to play with me.  For this reason I had to finely tune my imagination and create my own universe.  I was Queen, just in case you were wondering.

Can you make your font larger please?
I’ve gotten this request more than any other in the month I’ve been at this blog and I will tell you that my answer is “no”.  Not until I can change the code and not have to pay for it at least.  Until then, I hear “Ctrl +” works wonders on that sort of thing.

Is the food dude ever coming back?
Ram might as well co-author this blog because he gets as much fan mail as I do.  Never one to be jealous I will tell you with much excitement that Ram is paving the way to his big comeback.  I can see the posters now: Rambo Returns May 2009!

Why havn’t you posted much lately?
You know how it is.  Full time job, full time hubs, full time kids, full time dog, a fish that refuses to die.  It’s all too much sometimes.

Thanks for being funny. It makes my day better.
And my work here will never be done.


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